Nintendo “Super Mario Maker” x Facebook Collaboration Hackathon

  • Srxzero Kh'ng
  • Richard Joseph Roque
  • Raul Ortrga Martinez
  • Riki Garcia

For the first time in history, Nintendo grants others access to the full range of tools used to create the levels of Super Mario games! Their new “Super Mario Maker” game will allow players to make their own self-designed levels a reality, and play levels created by other players around the world too.

In this collaboration between Nintendo and Facebook, a “Super Mario Maker” hackathon took place at the Facebook office, where Facebook employees took part in designing the official level of “Super Mario Maker” that will be featured on Facebook.

“Super Mario Maker” is scheduled for public release on September 11, 2015, so get ready to build the Super Mario level of your dreams very soon!

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