Trailer for Animated Feature Film “Garakowa -Restore The World-”

  • Marrku
  • Filipa Matos
  • Neo Andreas Yagami
  • Veera Areyadash
  • Jared Wicksell
  • สหายแมวเหมียว หัวโจกแก๊งแมว
  • Ebi
  • Isabel Reguera

“Garakowa -Restore The World-” is an upcoming animated feature film brought to you by A-1 Pictures and Director Masashi Ishihama.

Within the “Box of Wisdom” is where many worlds, timelines, and people exist. Once a world is infected by a virus, however, it is the duty of Dual and Dorothy to erase it. One day, while fighting viruses, they rescued a mysterious girl, who only whispered: “I must return to the flower garden…”

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