Tokyo Ghoul Theatre Trailer

14 SUKI!
  • Christopher Parsons
  • Naomi Van Dijk
  • Yannik Heusser
  • Isram Mantang
  • Ika Adelina Ssa
  • 陳思穎
  • Jessica Salazar
  • Ly Nguyễn
  • たかはし あけみ
  • Mellani Veneracion Tapangco
  • Adriana Martinez
  • Rosemery Ortiz Quiroz
  • Amy Kannedy

The upcoming Tokyo Ghoul musical is so highly anticipated that all of the tickets were completely sold out in the pre-sales. In response to the fans’ enthusiasm, the musical is now set to be screened in cinemas in twelve prefectures across Japan. If you happen to be visiting Japan after July 20, be sure to catch this super hot live version of your favorite anime/manga!

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