Trailer for Upcoming Anime “Aquarion Logos” Unveiled!

30 SUKI!
  • Edy Sutomo
  • Kai
  • BigBear68
  • carouselqueen
  • Hich'm Soprano
  • Marrku
  • Alfian Shidqy
  • Ahmad Najimuddin Nasiruddin
  • Ben Auld
  • 蔡昀洋
  • Yoga Pradipta Angga Kusuma
  • Amir Ideka
  • Rodolfo Lavandino

Fans of the Aquarion series, get yourselves ready for the third installment of this awesome series! Featuring music composed by the legendary Kanno Yoko with an opening theme sung by May’n, the music alone is enough to get us all hyped up! Is this on your To-Watch list?

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