Nightmare Fuel Engaged

30 SUKI!
  • Ao Neko
  • Emilia Häkkinen
  • Michael Anthony
  • Siow Xin Yi
  • ZMao
  • Princess Evelyn
  • Javier Andrew Trujillo Hernández
  • Kai
  • Rayhan Hakim
  • BigBear68
  • carouselqueen
  • Marque Camble
  • LemonMe88

The frighteningly alluring Vocaloid music video starring Kanigata Ca is well on its way to reaching 4 million views on Youtube!
Vocaloid song artist, Kanimiso P teams up with Deino to realize a dark fantasy world for his 31st creation, "Bacterial Contamination." The main character resembling Hatsune Miku through her iconic pigtails is named Kanigata Ca. She is a rendition of Calne Ca, who previously made her shocking debut in Deino’s first music video project, 'machine muzik.’ In this video, Kanigata Ca puts on her crab-like exoskeleton for a thrilling look! Deino’s distorted figures and stunning but gory visuals compliment the enigmatic lyrics by Kanimiso P, with a story of the mind being poisoned with bacterial infections.
The disturbing, yet strangely mesmeric nature of Kanigata Ca has gained an enormous fan base, along with her very own line of figures! Indulge in the world of ‘Bacterial Contamination’ with "Hdge Technical Statue No. 7: Kanigata Ca", which can be found at the TOM Premium Shop! ->