Prepare yourself for battle! The titans are your 3DS!

11 SUKI!
  • Ulfa Cicilia Dwinanda
  • Dylan De Mott
  • Alexander Hayek
  • Ronald Tsang
  • Bhadra Nugraha Ramadhan
  • Maxence Mabile
  • Meymey Murasaki
  • Nugraha Lie
  • Raul Eduardo Godoy Gonzalez
  • Captain Waifu Laifu
  • Richard Laffont

Fans of Attack on Titan can finally play as their favorite soldiers on the Nintendo 3DS as the latest game “Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains” has just been released recently. While some reviews might not be favorable, this trailer alone is probably enough to send fans scrambling for their 3DS consoles! Are you playing this game?

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