Attack on Titan Live Action Trailer is Out!

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*Shingeki no Kyojin* aka *Attack on Titan*, created by Hajime Isayama, has become a famous name today thanks to the success of the manga, the first anime season, as well as the most recent original video animation (OVA) about the story of Levi’s past. The Attack on Titan live action adaptation may not be news anymore, but this trailer is! It features a 1.5-minute-long teaser for the upcoming movie that is going to come out in two parts - the first part on Aug. 1 and the second on Sept. 19. Witness Eren (actor: Haruma Miura), Mikasa (actress: Kiko Mizuhara) and the other Survey Corps soldiers in action in the amazing video above! Will you be catching this in the cinema?

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  • Troy Cameron
  • Jay Ferry

    Dude........nowll bon and i i just need a subed version and ill be golden

  • Raymon Herrera

    so I saw mikasa with a stinger missile launcher and troops with bolt actin rifles ,wonder how much creative license they took ? still going to watch it cant wait.

  • Chelsea Redding

    It was a more compelling story when it was all ethnicities coming together. Not just a bunch of asian actors...still looks pretty cool though.

  • Jayden Collum

    awww man i cant speak chinese or whatever there speaking there........