Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Character Music Crystal Collection PV

28 SUKI!
  • Illuminati Zoldyck
  • Alpacaroni
  • Oil Mokita Sama
  • Raul Ortrga Martinez
  • Nhan Sans Espoir Nguyen
  • Kinne Paris
  • Ben Meranda
  • Natalia Bermea
  • Himitsu
  • Trey Sandbothe
  • Lyn Clemente Zapanta
  • Kai
  • looks4tranz

Love Sailor Moon? Then you can’t miss this awesome MV starring all the Sailor Senshi for the track ‘Kakumei wa Night & Day’ (Revolution is Night & Day) from the upcoming character song album ‘Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Character Music Crystal Collection’! The super kawaii MV shows our favorite Usagi and her friends rocking along to the catchy tune. Who knew Sailor Moon could be this good at singing, too? (Of course she would be…)

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