“Move over, Dad!” Naruto’s Son Takes the Stage for Upcoming Movie!

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“Naruto New Era Opening Project” has been getting quite the buzz even before Naruto the manga ended, and it’s getting hotter now that the trailer for the upcoming movie, titled “BORUTO-NARUTO THE MOVIE” is released! It opens with a short throwback to its parent story, involving the Nine-Tailed beast and the hidden village of Konoha - but it’s all about Naruto’s son, Boruto, now! Check out the fiery Boruto (CV: Yuuko Sanpei) in action in this video! Do you think he can take over his father as the main hero of the story?

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Official site: http://www.boruto-movie.com
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  • The mom of the kid is Sakura... Sakura and Sasuke :O

  • Sasuke is the dad of that girl but i donk know who is the mother

  • i wanna see this plus sakura and sasuke are the parents to the girl with glasses im curious how it goes

  • I'm literally watching this with a big smile on my face. Wasn't too interested in the filler thingie, but man!!

  • how to watch the movie guys