Oremonogatari!! Anime Series to Start Broadcasting from April 9!

21 SUKI!
  • Alpacaroni
  • Trey Sandbothe
  • Ana Paula Tejada
  • Rasman Rasid
  • Chris03C
  • Marlen Dorronzoro
  • Jennylyn Jimenez
  • Grishnakh
  • carouselqueen
  • BigBear68
  • Kai
  • Siow Xin Yi
  • Madaly Recinos

Meet Takeo Gouda, weight: 120 kg, height: 2 meters. A freshman in high school, his best friend is a super popular male student named Sunakawa. One morning’s incident might just change his (love) life forever! Taken from a manga of the same title, Oremonogatari!! is another series to be included in everyone’s to-watch list! Look forward to it starting from April 9!

Official site:http://www.anime-ore.jp/

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