[Hatsune Miku Day 2015] Ura Omote Lovers by wowaka

35 SUKI!
  • Aaron Collins
  • Cobalt Requin
  • Brandon Matthews
  • Trey Sandbothe
  • FuruChi
  • Ryan Ryanda
  • Alec Rogers
  • Satoshi Tanaka
  • Tinyluvsyou Stoute
  • Mystery Makeup
  • Rayhan Hakim
  • Kai
  • BigBear68

Hatsune Miku wows the crowd once again in this rendition of Ura Omote Lovers by composer/producer wowaka at the 2010 “39’s Giving Day” concert. Even the greeting she gives at the start of the video is super adorable! Ura Omote Lovers has so much lyrics that it sounds like as though Miku is rapping! Is this one of your favorite Miku songs? It sure seems to be a crowd-pleaser!


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