[Hatsune Miku 2015] World is Mine by ryo from supercell

85 SUKI!
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  • Brandon
  • Rasman
  • FuruChi
  • Satoshi
  • Tinyluvsyo...
  • Ana
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  • Alice
  • Pen
  • geneme

Composed by the maverick behind popular band supercell, this chart-topping hit featuring Hatsune Miku is also another of our favorites. In the lyrics, she sings that she is, “the no. 1 princess in the world.” Judging by the way the audience was rocking to her virtual stage, we can’t help but agree too.This recording was done on Miku Day (March 9th) in 2010! Long live HRH Hatsune Miku!


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