[Hatsune Miku Day 2015] Love is War by livetune

44 SUKI!
  • Brandon Matthews
  • FuruChi
  • Tinyluvsyou Stoute
  • Zakura Cordero
  • Ana Paula Tejada
  • Alice Woods
  • mOchiKun
  • ADavid Ho
  • Daveythe6thMoon
  • Thảo Thắng
  • Gary Christian
  • Mystery Makeup

livetune gave his own Hatsune Miku song, Love is War, a more electronic and house-like remix and we totally loved it!

Prepare for a counterattack
I'm fighting a losing battle
Love is blindness
Your kiss opens my eyes

If you’ve been fighting a losing battle in love like Miku, we hope you can find strength in this lovely song!


  • Scott Fyfe

    It's a very good remix and quite upbeat I just don't think it works with this song though as it is suppose to be sad and powerful not upbeat still like it though just not as much as the original

  • Joshua Magpantay

    the tone is quite mellow... I like it (*≧∀≦*)

  • Sebastian James Condeno

    the sadness of the song was gone.

  • Mark X Djc

    I like, but it's missing the sadness and power of the original...

  • Hoàng Phan