[Hatsune Miku Day 2015] “Odds & Ends” by ryo from supercell ft. Hatsune Miku

64 SUKI!
  • Brandon Matthews
  • Bruna Kushikawa
  • Rayne Eusebio
  • FuruChi
  • Satoshi Tanaka
  • Ronald Tsang
  • Ana Paula Tejada
  • Brandon Duran
  • 曾小黑
  • Matsumoto Rangiku
  • Cat Kute
  • shatteredlives97
  • Rayhan Hakim

The songwriter behind popular band supercell wrote this song for our favorite songstress Hatsune Miku and she sings it perfectly!

“In this world where words turn to songs
Once again, I run tor you
Putting resolve into my voice
Now let my feelings resound”

Doesn’t the beautiful melody send thrills down your spine? We got this song on loop today for sure!


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