Heart-warming Anime Commercial for Instant Miso Soup from Marukome

73 SUKI!
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Food manufacturer Marukome recently released a series of beautifully written anime commercials for its instant miso soup cup. At the start of the anime short, the protagonist finds herself unable to communicate well with her father. Her mother then encourages him to try and reach out to her as she’s studying hard for exams. At the end of the 90 second story, the father and daughter pair reconcile over rice balls and cups of miso soup. Although this is a commercial, the simple and cute story will surely warm you up!


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  • I some how understand everything even thou I don't speak Japanese but I used to hear some words that I went on learning without studying and some are base from action...after watching this. . .even thou I didn't fully understand but now miss my dad TT_TT

  • She then realises that it was her father who she's been ignoring the one leaving dinner for her whilst she prepares for a test/exam. Yadda Yadda she starts talking to her dad. THE END

  • I'm pretty sure this was about how the father and the daughter aren't talking to each other and one night she sees that her mother prepared her dinner. The next day she thanks her mother but she has no idea what the daughter was talking about.

  • Yeah...this really needs English subs for me to appreciate what went into it.

  • This looks like it was done by Ghibli Studios.