Get Ready for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming in March!

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Get mesmerized by the Final Fantasy franchise once again! Square Enix has released a trailer for the upcoming release of the high-definition version of Final Fantasy Type-0 that looks so mind-blowing we can’t help but gawk at it. The graphic looks so smooth and beautiful, and as we know it, all Final Fantasy characters are so hot. Pre-orders for the first press limited edition are currently being accepted, and the game will finally be released globally on March 19, 2015!

Official site:


  • can anyone share link for download final fantasy movies

  • i think its just for ps4 and xboxOne by looking at i hope there will be a pc-port soon though!

  • Is it for xbox 1, ps4, or PC? I forgot which one, still, I can't afford to buy one :(