Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suisho Promotional Movie Streamed

29 SUKI!
  • 曾小黑
  • RedFoxlover
  • Farhan A. Suyono
  • Mystery Makeup
  • Raymond Moyer
  • 叶文自
  • Hlua Noctis Lucis Ralte
  • Nuno
  • BigBear68
  • carouselqueen
  • Ahmed El Yaagoubi
  • Alvaro Escalante
  • KAi Takeshi

The smartphone game app that belongs in the Final Fantasy series gets a promotional movie for its upcoming release! You get to listen to the theme song, titled “Timeless Tomorrow” and performed by Lia. The characters of the game are also featured: Morrow, Aemo, Wrieg, and more - get to know them even better through this video! The game is currently opening pre-registration for Japanese players, with a bonus of summonable character “White Chocobo” for the participants. Take a look at the game preview and let us know what you think!