Final Fantasy XIV Released Patch 2.5 Titled ‘Before the Fall’

  • 曾小黑
  • Mikaeliz Cross
  • Luis Montero
  • Kat Perry
  • Ando Resu Ochoa
  • Riki Garcia
  • Benjamin Khaliq
  • Isabel Reguera

A patch update for the Square Enix game Final Fantasy XIV has recently been released. Titled ‘Before the Fall’, this serves as the first part for Patch 2.5. This update introduces new dungeons and quests for players to venture into! The second part of the patch is slated for February release, and will feature Manderville’s Gold Saucer that may delight FFVII fans! In the mean time, enjoy this 10-minute trailer for the current patch and prep your consoles ‘til then!

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