Sword Art Online -Lost Song- Reveals Another TVCM for Upcoming Game

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The upcoming PS Vita and PS3 game is getting its third trailer! Sword Art Online -Lost Song- is due to be released on March 26, 2015 in Japan. In this trailer, more scenes and action are revealed - the animation and artwork are simply amazing, don’t you think? Let’s hope that the international release won’t be far behind!

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  • Nick Gochoel

    I understand the Psvita is getting this but why not add the PS4 to the list

  • Josh Alcantara

    its not that bad having a harem face it if ur guy u mostly want to have cute beutifull girls swarming around u but not always

  • Derek Jones

    I like VRMMO's, like with .hack, but that's another one that I'd have liked to see go MMO. Why waste time taking an RPG, like Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls, online? These worlds were open enough from the beginning for this kind of thing. I mean they're based in MMO's! In general, I'd just like to see a real MMO for the consoles, but that will probably always require a computer. :(

  • Vandervaeren Jean-michel

    In addition to 1 more guy Char. there are 2 more girl Chars. How about ballancing it a bit? You can see more and more the Harem in it -.- Will buy anyway:P