Sword Art Online Teases For March 2015 Game: -Lost Song-

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The highly popular series Sword Art Online gets an upcoming game titled Sword Art Online -Lost Song- that is going to be released on March 26, 2015. The second PV for the PS3 and PS Vita game teases with snippets of gameplay and cute characters that are going to be featured! There is a limited edition version of the game that will be released on the same day with special content like original illustrations and more! Check out the official website for more details!


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  • Josh Alcantara

    meh english is going to b around 4months later after the asian release best bet probably at june july

  • Henry Deathlifez

    Is it for ps vita?

  • Mario Reyes Jr.

    can't wait

  • isaaczaconeta

    think i'll just import it since hollow fragments "english" release still had japanese voices and vita and ps3 dont have region locks

  • Riley Mya Godfrey

    It says there's no word of a release in the West. The march release date is for Japan. :/