Catch the animated visuals from Tales of Asteria -The Saviour of Light and Darkness-!

18 SUKI!
  • Alexandre Sapata Carbonell
  • Roman Austin
  • Manuel Rubio
  • mushia
  • Nataly Albertine
  • Josef Hernandez
  • Rica Imai Haruloid
  • Riki Garcia
  • Benjamin Khaliq
  • Raden Kamella Adijaya
  • Silver Amaris
  • Venika Camba

Tales of Asteria’s new chapter titled -The Saviour of Light and Darkness- is now available as a mobile game! Bandai Namco Games treated fans with a sleek PV of the cast in action as well as some clips of the gameplay, including snippets of the theme song titled “Eternally” performed by CREAM. Head over to the iOS App Store or Google Play to get the game in your smartphones!


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