Noitamina Unleashes 1st Teaser for Spring Anime Punchline

27 SUKI!
  • Jamz Villena
  • Marrku
  • Carlos Alberto Salmerón Rivera
  • Yumekui Inu
  • Victor Andres Bravo
  • Achill Maltabes
  • Raleek Lapsley
  • Kenneth Cay
  • David Enrique Lopez
  • David Narvaez
  • LuchaEl
  • Ario Avianto
  • Spyke Spiegle

A wacky anime up for broadcast in spring 2015! This teaser video features the main male character and several of his cute girl friends in hilarious actions, and reveals the tagline to the anime: “If you see panties, human population might perish!?”. The title also seems to be a play on the word panchira that means “showing underwear”. Let’s see what kind of amusement this series offers!

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