Behind the Scenes Video Shows The Making of Expelled from Paradise CG Animation

32 SUKI!
  • Adad Peña
  • Salvador Pedraza
  • Axl
  • Kyle Okami
  • Kevin Ubaldo
  • Haikal Aidil
  • Rahmat Lutvi Furkon
  • Xlander
  • Agent CLU
  • Forrest Dimasaca
  • Olimarc
  • Rick
  • Yohannes Albert LaRc

The producer of the upcoming anime Expelled from Paradise shares an exciting making-of video featuring the steps to the perfect CG animation! Starting from the rough sketches to gray scale figures, and finally touching up with the detail of the character’s hair flipping in motion, this surely takes us through the commendable work that the animators have done. It is indeed amazing how far animation has come to, isn’t it?

Sound : “Beyond The Galaxy” by NARASAKI

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