Square Enix offers a 10-minute sneak peek walkthrough for Final Fantasy XV

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Everyone is excited for the fifteenth installment Final Fantasy that has yet to have a release date. Fret not! Square Enix has provided us with a walkthrough video for gamers and Final Fantasy fans to get a glimpse of what it is going to be like! Following Noctis, the handsome protagonist, we are brought to explore the expansive world not only on foot, but also by a sweet convertible ride. How much improvement did you notice from this newest Final Fantasy?


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  • Draco Jamz

    they should make an online free to play mmoarpg

  • Jonathan Anderson

    The bloom was pretty insane The day night cycle was nice. one thing that has always bugged me still remains obligatory houses with boarded up doors.

  • Guilherme Lerry Dos Santos

    It must be fun to let the car at the road and go for a stroll hahah hope we get to ride those chocobos in the grassy areas.

  • Sebnem Isil

    Where is Tifa or Yuna :))

  • Melissa Dross Somany

    where's the fantasy