Celebrating MEIKO’s 10th Birthday with Her Best Performances!

43 SUKI!
  • celid
  • Waltzcarer
  • Frank Bittinger III
  • Aldan Jackson
  • Szőke Attila
  • Croix Bartel
  • Ng Ho Kit
  • Edmundo Guajardo
  • Jun  Park
  • Guillermo Guerra
  • Tharanin Owyang Tharanin
  • So Yi Ly
  • Satria Haria Sulistyo

This November marks the 10th year since the birth of the first Vocaloid MEIKO in 2004! The team from SEGA put together her best performances from all these years in this 10-minute-long video, where MEIKO is at her prettiest. Let us know in the comments your best memories with the amazing Vocaloid!

SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project http://miku.sega.jp/
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