PlayStation 20th Anniversary Special Thank You Video

63 SUKI!
  • Subrinachan
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  • Maciek Matuszewski
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How many times have we saved the world?
How many times have we fallen in love?
How many enemies have we defeated?
How many friends have we fought alongside?

In this world, we can go anywhere.
We can do anything we want to.
In the world of PlayStation, the limit is infinity.

It’s been 20 years since the release of the first PlayStation. Today, it has become an irreplaceable buddy for so many of our happy days. To thank its fans for their unwavering support in the past two decades, PlayStation has released a beautiful video containing clips from many of its best known titles. How many of these have you seen or played before?


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  • John Guerra

    I played most of them,but I am glad I saw Miku!

  • Darrel Montford

    How dare they put a PSO2 clip in there. I expected nothing from the NA launch and I was still disappointed.

  • Selena Johnson

    Happy Anniversary Play Station. Thank you for being my very first console and for always entertaining me from PS1-PS4 and the PSP. Keep up the amazing work and never stop.

  • Ivan Lekoski

    Happy anniversary Play Station. Thank's for making my childhood fun and exiting and keep up the good work

  • Chris Cargoe

    Happy 20th Playstation. I love you. You made my childhood and life so much better :) Kepp doing what you do, it's working and getting more & more fans on your side:) Sony Ftw!