Anime Short: Fastening Days

17 SUKI!
  • Subrinachan
  • Marrku
  • Okazaki Tomoya
  • Isabel Reguera
  • J. Barbarán
  • Lili
  • Rolyn Jay Marquez
  • mushia
  • Ej Valdez Quiambao
  • Juan Romo
  • ファズル アミン
  • Angelo Pena
  • Aneesah Chaudry

The best thing about anime is that it can be based on anything. Famous anime director Ishida Hiroyasu’s latest short animation work is this adorable story about zippers. After watching this, we will never see zippers the same way ever again! On top of that, the anime also features the ending theme “Hurly Burly” by popular Japanese girl group Perfume. This is one rare collaboration you don’t want to miss!

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