Anime for Project Itoh’s Genocidal Organ Announced!

  • Subrinachan
  • Klaus Nguyễn
  • Ivan Chan
  • Demon Knight
  • Hikari Mutiara Shibata
  • Shirozami
  • Dennis Sakaimbo
  • Ulquiorra Schiffer
  • Hong Ming Koo

Sci-fi lovers, brace yourselves. An upcoming 2015 anime, Genocidal Organ, has just been announced by the Fuji Television’s noitaminA, well-known for broadcasting popular sci-fi series such as NO.6 and Psycho Pass. This time, on the airing list is a brand new anime adapted from a novel by popular Japanese sci-fi writer Project Itoh: Gyakusatsu Kikan (original Japanese title). The series touches on issues like surveillance states and a dark civilization that would surely intrigue many. On top of that, the illustration for the original novel was draw by none other than TOM Special Creator redjuice! Check out the cool trailer above!

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