Fate/hollow ataraxia for PS Vita Trailer #3

15 SUKI!
  • Eric Xavier
  • Katymega
  • Marrku
  • Pamela Alejandra López
  • Rasyad Zangetsu
  • Salvador Pedraza
  • Ewen Peong
  • Alexander Suhian Cansico
  • Rolyn Jay Marquez
  • Tetsuro KOKUMAI
  • Aloysius SloveSforever
  • Cale Sudiacal
  • Patrick Curran

Set half a year after the end of “Fate/stay night”, the latest game in the popular Fate series will be released on November 27! With beautiful art and intense action, it is no wonder that the series has garnered such a large and loyal fan following. Are you going to get a copy of Fate/hollow ataraxia?


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