Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F GameStop pre-order comes with Neru, Haku, and Teto!

30 SUKI!
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US fans, you can now pre-order your copy of SEGA’s Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F! Two bonus costume module packs, containing the Vocaloid Derivatives Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, and Kasane Teto, are also available on pre-orders made at GameStop. The PS3 and PS Vita game will be released in a month’s time: November 18. Check out the product page here: http://t-otaku-m.com/10urx1o


  • Peter R James

    Idc that everyone has had it scince February with the japanese release I want my damn english lyrics XD

  • Persona

    This is awesome for anyone who did not import the game and is getting its release in the West this November!

  • Stephen Walt

    Agreed. I was at the Miku concert and heard someone say "Diva F 2nd is out soon, I can't wait". I am standing there thinking "I got it back in February, it's back at the hotel in fact".

  • Ashley Scott

    Who needs the extra packs when you've already had the game since February.