New story detail for Dragon Ball Xenoverse revealed at 2014 Tokyo Game Show

20 SUKI!
  • Rasyad Zangetsu
  • Kou Yang
  • Miguel Oliveira
  • Dun Nikolaevich Zulj
  • Chris Chevis
  • Antonio Hernandez
  • Sazli Cheah
  • Ellyxzer Feraer
  • Bartosz Pejczu Peil
  • Maxwell Gomes Da Silva
  • André Nadal
  • エーアン ayhan
  • Cole West

The video game expo Tokyo Game Show 2014 was a venue for exclusive release of new game trailers, including the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse that is scheduled for 2015. In this brand new trailer, more details about the storyline are revealed, involving a changing history, threatening how “Dragon Ball” as we know it! Surely this game is not to be missed! Check out more Dragon Ball Xenoverse updates at its Facebook page:


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