Better, Prettier “Sailor Moon Crystal” in Limited Deluxe Edition Blu-ray

  • Aries Aryadi
  • Dustin Perkins
  • Ruthy Mendez
  • Samantha Cordeiro
  • Haley Wofford
  • Anna-Serena Lee
  • Omar B. Fanuiel
  • Marrku

The first volume of the limited deluxe Blu-ray edition of the “Sailor Moon” remake, to be released on October 15, will present upgrades to the animation and artwork for Acts 1 and 2 of the anime series. We can definitely see the animators’ dedication to providing the best for their fans! Check out the digest to see the improvements!

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  • Enna Rose

    I would like to purchase this. Do you know if t will have English subtitles?