86 SUKI!
  • JonahOnix
  • Anthony Mata
  • Modesto Ancheta Panilag Jr.
  • LazyMan Architecture
  • Wendy Jean
  • Dalton Massaki Oura
  • Vicmar Lofranco
  • Uyen Chung
  • Brenda Flores
  • Kai
  • Rafael Fernández Pérez
  • Dexter Paculba Ferrer
  • Kato Su


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  • Cameron Young

    dude i'm excited for this chizz and i haven't been excited to play final fantasy since i think like 10-2

  • Nody Ahmed

    waaaw i like it

  • Lean Dychengco Agbayani

    in my time they use to ride on a chocobo

  • Brandon Wakatani

    Great, the paradigm already threw me off, no it's a hack and slash. Good to hear! I'll save my money for a better education

  • Desiree Park

    Looks good. Its going to be interesting playing in the dark with a flashlight!