Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Project

73 SUKI!
  • Allison Galiziu Gutelius Hinostroza
  • Eric Wong
  • Carol Gel Bautista DelaMerced
  • Afiq Ahmad
  • Tsuyoshi Ogawa
  • Jackson Do
  • Montoya Johnes
  • Pamela Brigitte Ayala Nagao
  • Andrés Andi Guerra
  • David Lawrence
  • Cassie Chow
  • Christopher Horton
  • Salvador Arroyo

Toei released the first trailer for the new Digimon Adventure anime. 15 years later since that summer, Digimon is back to change our world. Now this is something to look forward to in Spring 2015! For those of us that grew up with Digimon, this trailer alone was enough to get us hyped up for a long time!


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