Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS TV CM Part 2

  • Ian Alonso Jesus Osnaya
  • Ronald Ross Ryan
  • Hector Alicea
  • Emmanuel Garcia
  • Jonathan S. Lora
  • William Gleivnir Efendy
  • Yumekui Inu
  • Roque Alexandre Gonçalves
  • Alisa Latic

It’s been too long, and it’s finally here! Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS will finally be released in English on October 3, 2014. Meanwhile, we watch the trailer again and again and again to relish the beautiful graphics, the exciting new characters, and everything we love about our favorite childhood series that just got better.


  • Micah Gayle

    cant wait til i get my hands on a 3ds and ssb4

  • Diego Quintana

    pre ordered them both already :o it sucks japan gets it first, big spoilers are coming our way

  • at511

    Getting this and the Wii U version!