Sword Art Online: End World Part 3 CM (Subtitled Ver.) 

42 SUKI!
  • Morgan Wise
  • Jonathan S. Lora
  • Frandika Lazuardi Uniady
  • Mauricio Alejandro Cornejo Moreno
  • Dominick Cader
  • Pandii
  • Tan Chau Ann
  • Tze Yan Pang
  • Ahmad Tawfiq
  • Carlos Piedra
  • Kiorri
  • Ganesh Nayak
  • Itsuka Shidou

The popular anime Sword Art Online has become a smartphone game titled Sword Art Online: End World by GREE. In the game, players can enjoy various adventures in Aincrad and collecting many weapons and armor. Attack strong enemies with Kirito, Asuna, and original characters! Check it out!

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