2015 Dragon Ball Z Trailer

211 SUKI!
  • Reynaldo Montalvo
  • Pam Rucya
  • Mike Isidore
  • Thabang Rainman Malatji
  • Ian Jed Arcena Viñas
  • How Kar Koh
  • Kong Vang
  • Adil Elharti
  • Andres Castillo
  • Kanav Gupta
  • Daniel Collado
  • Buồn Ơi Chào Mi
  • Lemuel Lirazan

A teaser trailer of the new animated Dragon Ball Z movie to begin screening during Golden Week 2015 has been released. This sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, which released last year in March, is filled with mysteries! Stay tuned for a follow-up report!

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