Doraemon’s 3D movie ”STAND BY ME” New trailer

24 SUKI!
  • _Ikki_kun_
  • Katherine Hernandez
  • Sera Yagami
  • Hong Ming Koo
  • Blitzer
  • Gunadi Adhit
  • Giselle García
  • Giorgia Labieni
  • Amine Med
  • Pam Rucya
  • Teofilo Bucaram C.
  • Rj Thompson
  • Calvin Leonardi

Film directors of this movie Yamazaki takashi and Yagi ryuichi messaged as follows.

"Doraemon is the robot who came from the future.We wanted to make a story to re-recognize the fact "he has the potential to cause back at any time.

And due to expressing that in the movie,
we want to tell "ordinally days" that looks like a granted are how precious and valuable.

official website (japanese):