Lupin the Third Movie Trailer

24 SUKI!
  • Winnie Man
  • Tiffy Toola Hollamby
  • Marrku
  • Yuta Tani
  • Kavin James Jr.
  • 古川聖也
  • Mahindra Venkata
  • Nicholas Mark Rainbird
  • Carl Zayed Famadico
  • Kaneshiro D. Kassy
  • Stefany Kasma
  • Terry Hall
  • Thomas K Ryuzaki

The live-action version of Lupin the Third will release this summer! The cast is comprised of talented actors who look just like the characters from this iconic series. Watch the trailer and check out the many powerful action scenes to look forward to!

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  • Mildred Cunanan Davis

    been waiting for this for so long, i really like lupin3 anime, how much more this movie wherein real human playing the role..really great..

  • Riski Pamungkas

    udah gak sabar nih