New Game "Dragon Ball: Xenoverse" PV

36 SUKI!
  • Maikeru Ravenheart
  • Ochoa Alexander
  • Jessy Zenkaii Vasseur Soufflard
  • Luis Daniel Ortiz Camacho
  • Master M Moore
  • Marco Antonio Moreno Huerta
  • Koid Han Yeang
  • Lóránt Attila Csiki
  • Terry Hall
  • Giovanni Mendoza
  • Santi Cardenas
  • Afiq Nasa
  • Ajaxzz

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is an entirely new work in which players can enjoy the fascinating world and character action of the series through ideas and expressions that go beyond Dragon Ball games to date. This game is also the first PS4™ game for a Jump work. It will be available for the PS4™, PS3®, and Xbox 360. Because it’s on next gen systems, the Dragon Ball games will be evolving from here on!

© Bird Studio / Shueisha Inc., Fuji TV Network Inc., Toei Animation Co. Ltd.


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