The movie Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary PV

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  • Katherine Hernandez
  • Juan Antonio Hurtado Virgen
  • Rene Ferrante
  • Jason Gonzalez Villarroel
  • Thanawut Sorthip
  • imadsoft
  • Richard Laffont
  • Vlad Raitmaer
  • Ahmad Sadiq Al-Herz
  • Nicolas Aria
  • John Mathÿssen

The movie Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary will release countrywide on June 21. This epic anime movie was created to celebrate Kurumada’s 40 years as a manga artist.

The original work for Saint Seiya is a popular manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1985-90. There are 34.4 million copies in print worldwide. The TV anime, which began nine months after the start of serialization, went on to become a representative anime of the late ‘80s. The anime also has many fans, having been broadcast in over 80 countries.

© 2014 Masami Kurumada / Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary Production Committee


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  • Clinton Alston

    sigh, we used to have this show on tv..though under the name "knights of the zodiac" what a shame diddnt last long here. iI wonder why???

  • Rudy D'BloodBath
  • Lukas BlackSnake Panuska

    I shoul born in japan they have some awesome anime movie

  • Sirtyx Andrej

    so epic !!!!!!!!!すごい.すごい.すごい.すごい.すごい.すごい.すごい.すごい.

  • Deniss Sandoval

    The movie just gone to be japan