Sword Art Online II 6th Trailer!

70 SUKI!
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The TV anime Sword Art Online II will begin its broadcast in July. The first season was broadcast for six months from July 2012 and it became highly popular both within Japan and abroad. Based on the popular light novels by Reki Kawahara, the anime is produced by A-1 Pictures. With Tomohiko Ito as director, the charms of the original world are captured in the anime.

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  • Daniel Petcu

    are you stupid... dumbo it says in the trailer

  • Rezky  ShinoYuuQie

    Yeay Sinonon~~~

  • Mercader Ian

    sinon first appeared in GGO...she then later transferred to Alfheim Online to join kirito and the others(she was basically invited by kirito after the GGO part)...

  • Yvonne Siesling

    Sinon isn't really a new character, she was in Alfheim Online too

  • Juan Paolo Manicar