19 SUKI!
  • derek
  • Hong Ming Koo
  • Jason Senzerron
  • Odragde Eteñac
  • Wendel
  • Akita Yuki
  • Rutzila Takarai
  • David Cheah
  • Adil Elharti
  • Joao Simoes
  • Fariz Fey Ridzwan
  • Stefany Rubina Vasquez
  • Jose Luis Morales Anzures

In 2599, the terraforming project started 500 years ago on Mars to make it a habitable planet for humans, who have outgrown Earth in numbers, comes to an end. Moss and cockroaches were sent to Mars to make it warmer. After 500 years, an investigation team encounters human-sized cockroaches on Mars. Being easily overrun and having extraordinary strength for being insects, humans try to strengthen themselves through trial experiments… A battle with the existence of humans and harmful insects hanging in the balance begins on Mars.

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© Yū Sasuga, Kenichi Tachibana / Shueisha Inc., Project Terra Formars


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