59 SUKI!
  • Felipe Espinosa
  • Ratna Wati
  • Dydy Cristina
  • Karine Jfk
  • Christopher Ward
  • Elsa Beltran Gonzalez
  • TC Şeyda Gizem Yavuz
  • Brianna Carrillo
  • Madelyn Rivera
  • Blanca Luna
  • Corys Flores
  • Rachel Martindale
  • Vanessa Corcios

The anime Sailor Moon Crystal will begin airing on Nico Nico Douga and simultaneously worldwide on July 5 (Sat.) at 19:00.
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  • Rana Gunaydin

    okay sure it's cute but I think they might loose all of Serena's personalty complex like how she trips and falls DURING batte or like how careless she is sometimes

  • Amber Love Bunch Hendrix

    Omg I can't wait!!!!

  • Gloryas

    ahw wow I love how they made it all look more like the manga, so cute. Hope this will be subbed? (A)

  • Lifeaya Satou

    I hope they remake all 200 episodes in this kind of style.

  • Lifeaya Satou

    From the trailer I love the remastered artwork style