“GO! GLA” 30-Second TV CM

28 SUKI!
  • Cynthia Martinez
  • André Cardoso
  • Jazzy2669
  • Boy Yutthana
  • Amy Segawa
  • Eden B. Braza
  • Ankit Walimbe
  • Gustavo Arteaga
  • Oz Vessalius
  • Laurince Quijano
  • ImnightShadow Dark
  • Paolo Praticamente Jarvis
  • Priscilla Limosnero

Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with the Nintendo series Super Mario Bros. In the commercial, Mario rides in Mercedes-Benz’s “New GLA Class” compact SUV and advances through an 8-bit world! The commercial culminates with a life-size Mario appearing from the “New GLA Class” in real life…
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