Akira Project - Live Action Trailer

22 SUKI!
  • Maite Guerrero Quesada
  • Lorenzo Avila
  • Juhász Péter
  • Sean Dat
  • Erik D. Romelli
  • Piya Lertthititrakul
  • Breana Smith
  • Novel
  • Andre Galisa
  • Hernan Casas
  • Brian Alvarado
  • Silvia Guerra Gualy
  • Graeme Hole

The Akira Project is a crowd-sourced, non-profit project undertaken by fans for creating a live-action trailer of Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpeice series from the ‘80s, Akira. Though Hollywood has been working on a live-action adaptation of Akira for the past several years, fans, wanting to take a shot at creating an adaptation of their own, have banded together and formed the Akira Project. Their aim is to stay as true to the source material as possible and deliver something that all Akira fans can be proud of.

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