Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc/The Last of a Legend Arc Trailer

78 SUKI!
  • Ferdinand D. Meyer
  • Adrian Lobo
  • Germaine Tan
  • Kathlyn Granadozo Basibas Dell'Aitante
  • Victor Torres
  • Leoniel
  • looks4tranz
  • Ean Chan
  • Empire Az D'great
  • Nursyafiqah Yazid
  • Samson Fuerte Hecita Jr.
  • Tomohide Kamei
  • Limechii

The trailer, of course, has action scenes highly anticipated by fans
of the original work, like Kenshin Himura (played by Takeru Satoh) vs.
Makoto Shishio (played by Tatsuya Fujiwara) vs. Aoshi Shinomori
(played by Yusuke Iseya), as well as reveals the whole story of
Purgatory, the battleship the serves as the scene for the climax.
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  • Ken Fearless

    CANT WAIT TO SEE THIS!!! when is this goona be release? \

  • Alice Carroll

    What? The Last of a Legend? Where is the Kyoto arc? I want to see Tomoe with Kenshin latter scar

  • Robert Appiah

    its a must see n i need to really see it

  • Anna Maria

    i think it's great, i must see

  • Daniel Adesanya

    So this is how true love looks likes