Wagakki Band “Senbonzakura”

45 SUKI!
  • Silvia Guerra Gualy
  • Nguyễn Vũ
  • DEvilStar
  • Frank G DiPenti
  • Nguyen Tuan Hung
  • Garry Rosal
  • Ramboo Nguyen Bao
  • Amethyst Stafford-Wells
  • Sophia Tsapoitis
  • Eve Fidelity
  • Adil Elharti
  • Duncan Meillaud
  • Otaku Man

This is the music video to “Senbonzakura,” which is included in the Vocaloid cover album “Vocalo Zanmai” that will release on April 23. Enjoy this fresh take on “Senbonzakura” created with Japanese instruments and flesh and blood humans.

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