Live-Action Attack on Titan × Subaru Forester Collaborative Commercial

99 SUKI!
  • Ismael Mejia
  • Tuan Ngo
  • Dawid Zając
  • Apdelrahman Eltayepe
  • Brendo Bang-oa Jr.
  • Jason Law
  • Gabriel Andara
  • Ca Lin
  • Danial Shafiq
  • Jossel Ozoryu
  • Mayra Garcia
  • Emy Cabrera

A live-action "Attack on Titan" × Subaru Forester collaborative commercial has been revealed.

It was made as a promotion of the Subaru Forester, but gives a peek at what the Titans will look like in the upcoming live-action "Attack on Titan" film.

Check out this exciting video!

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