PV for Magi: A New World

15 SUKI!
  • Johannes Marques Del Queiroz
  • Jenica Salim
  • Kurt Russel Navarro
  • EtherwXlf
  • Roya McCray
  • Airi
  • Tetsuro KOKUMAI
  • Mystery Makeup
  • Velsi
  • Ricky Prough
  • Far Red Farid

A PV for the Nintendo 3DS action RPG game “Magi: A New World” has been revealed.
In this game, players can explore the world of “Magi” and battle against many familiar faces.

It will be released on Feb.13 in Japan.

Check it out!

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  • Velsi

    So we're most likely to play as Aladdin or create a character of our own?